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— development on hold

Bounty is a personal game development project of mine. It's an action game with a "Wild West" theme.

The base goal of the project is to design, develop and publish a fun to play mobile game with simple and responsive touch controls. I've expressively chosen to make a 2D mobile game with a pixel art style to gain experience in these fields.
Tablets (large screen, often 3:4 resolution) will technically be supported, but the main design target is smartphones (small, wide screen: 16:9, 16:10 or 18:9 resolutions).

My current vision for the game is a collection of mini-games, tied together in such a way to form various bounty hunting missions. The planned mini-game ideas are a stationary brawler ("Brawl"), a finite runner ("Run"/"Ride"), a quickdraw game ("Showdown") and a gallery shooter ("Shootout"). These things are subject to change.

I'm currently working on a rough demo of "Brawl", to define the look and feel and getting initial feedback on the project.

You can check the current history of the development process over at Bounty's Tumblr devlog. Any future updates will probably be kept in an itch.io Devlog instead. :)

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