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— development on hold for the time being —

"In true Shakespearean tradition, by the end of the play, everyone has to die."

Shakespeare has returned to this plane of existence because "Hell is empty and all the devils are here". He intends to have every play by his hand end just the way he likes it: with everyone dead.

But just like Julia, Shakespeare needs his Romeo to aid him in his massacre. That's where you, the stagehand, come in. Move and rotate the set pieces to create the ideal path for his magical "speare" and literally set the stage for Shakespeare's massacre after the final act.

Some props reflect the speare off into a different direction (bushes and guillotine), while others stop it dead in it's tracks (crates, barrels and trees).

Category : Puzzle, Dark Humour

Initial version created for Global Game Jam 2016
(Jam Theme: Ritual + Shakespeare diversifier)

The goal is to finish this game as a browser and tablet game.


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