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Good morning, Special Agent!

We have called you here for a very important mission: we need you to liberate an island off the coast of... somewhere... that has come under the control of--

You know what? Briefings are boring! Let's skip to the fun part:
This is our latest piece of technology, the V4: Very Versatile Variable Vehicle!
The V4 can alter it's sub-atomic make up to transform into a wide variety of specialised vehicles, such as the Chopper, Airplane, Tank, Buggy, Boat, ... and Cube! Isn't that insane?
I'd suggest you keep your arms and legs close to you while morphing though... No reason, I'm just saying...

Anyway! You will be dropped in from high altitude, after which you should locate and destroy any and all vehicles and structures you can find in the area. I know that's a bit much, but you can never be too sure, right? Right!

Good luck, and godspeed!
Oh, and expect heavy resistance.

The Chopper:
- slow flying
- low armour
- fires a barrage of unguided rockets, at medium reload rate

The Plane:
- fast flying
- low armour
- fires single guided missiles, at slow reload rate

The Tank:
- slow driving
- high armour
- fires single gun shots, at fast reload rate

The Buggy:
- fast driving
- low armour
- fires an endless stream of weak-ass bullets

The Boat:
- fast... boating?
- high armour
- uses a turbo boost and temporary invincibility to ram opponents, or propel itself out of the water

The Cube:
- can't move, but floats
- indestructible
- no weapons, but it can easily crush things it falls on

The controls vary depending on the vehicle, but all use WASD and mouse to move and look, with some also using Q/E or Shift/Space. Exact control scheme's will be explained in the game.
Left Mouse Button = shoot
1-6 = morph

My brother and I didn't have enough time (we started late and he had to leave early) and had a lot of technical problems (eg: Unity 5.3.4 on MacOS constantly crashing, probably because of OpenGL 4.1?), so we were far from anything playable.
Still, we learned a lot and had fun. We'll probably pick this up again later. :)