A downloadable prototype

Update: I've taken down the jam version. It was just too terrible, but I noticed a lot of people were actually downloading it... I'll put it back up once I've finally been able to work some more on this project.
(You're not missing out on anything, I swear. It was just the car driving around in an empty desert valley, and I hadn't even set up proper materials for the car yet...)

This all started when Didjitalus wanted to 3D model a military Baja Beetle, so I created some concept art for one.
At some point during his modelling, I had a bunch of remarks on where he was going with his model, and some things that I would prefer he'd change (basically having him redo some of his work...) and said "If you make these changes, I promise I will put the car in Unity some day and make it drive!"
Then one Ludum Dare, the theme was "Ancient Technology" and I decided this was a good opportunity to make good on that promise.
Sadly, I had a lot of other work to do during the jam weekend, so I couldn't put enough time into the jam, and so shitty jam deadline version is shitty...
But I do intend to complete this one day, with the car able to drive around, looking all cool, and able to shoot at others, etc. I owe it to Didjitalus! :)

It is the year 2016.

In a dystopian world, the war may be over,
but the fight to survive rages on.

Among the barren remains of a once great society,
bands of raving rover fight for territory,
and ultimately...

Using advanced technology from the past,
they fight an endless battle,
where the only certainty...

These are the tales, of the

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